We are Paridhi International

We’re experts in rust prevention and rust removal and we’ve been at this a long time .Whether it’s rust prevention or rust removal, we save our customers time, money and effort to keep their metal parts rust-free, 24/7.

We at Paridhi International Provides a full range of packaging services with the knowledge and capacity to meet clients needs and requirements. Our commitment to innovation combined with our experience makes us a complete packaging partner for all industry segments. Paridhi International is having an innovative thinking and value added products, to meet the critical specifications of varied industries globally.

When you work with us you will get more than a vendor. It is our aim to build a strong bond with our customers by sharing our knowledge and expertise.

For our industry and professional customers, we offer friendly expert advice and technical knowledge to help them select the most effective solution to improve packing and handling of their valuable products.

Our comprehensive packaging solution includes Packaging Consumables, Packaging Services, Operational and In process prevention & Cure, Final Product protection etc...

Core Values

At Paridhi International we have 3 Core Values that serve as our foundation. They articulate our focus on maintaining a people- and service-centered culture and they guide all members of the Paridhi International team in their decision making and actions. The Paridhi International Core Values are:

Relationships & People Come First: Profits will Follow!

We protect and preserve relationships over short-term profits. We’re all in this together and at Paridhi International personal gain is willingly sacrificed for the greater good. We build each other up so we can perform at our best and better serve our customers.

Good is the Enemy of GREAT!

We don’t settle for “good enough”- good is average, we inherently strive to be great. Paridhi International people take ownership and have pride in all we do.

GDelight the Customer!

” not just satisfied. Satisfactory is for mediocre companies- Paridhi International desires to be GREAT!

Brands we Deals with