ARMOR WRAP G - Anti Rust Papers



The “Next Generation” in Anti-Rust VCI Paper

ARMOR WRAP® Global paper (G for short) is out-of-this-world VCI rust prevention for all of your metal parts. We named it Global because this anti-rust paper meets all international content standards (RoHS, REACH, CPL) — it is the global standard in rust prevention paper.

If you’re looking for a top-shelf, A-list, upper-crust VCI paper to protect your metal parts from rusting while in process, in storage, or in transport, look no further than ARMOR WRAP G. It is nitrite free, environmentally friendly – recyclable, repulpable, renewable — and in true multi-metal fashion, it universally protects ferrous and non-ferrous metals from rust and corrosion.

Even better, ARMOR’s G formulation of VCI paper has a superior level of vapor phase protection compared to most other anti-rust papers on the market. That’s thanks to ARMOR VCI Nanotechnology® (aka, our “secret recipe” for vapor corrosion inhibitor) – we infuse it into both sides of ARMOR WRAP G to ensure that no matter how metal parts are wrapped, they remain rust free for up to 3 years.

ARMOR WRAP G makes rust prevention hassle-free — it replaces the mess of RP oils and grease; it reduces the number of VCI papers needed because it works on most metals; and it is available in 30, 35, and 60-pound weight in sized-to-fit sheets or rolls.

ARMOR products are in-stock and ready-to-ship with no order minimums through our ARMOR Stock & Ready® program.

Technical Specifications:

Stock & Ready options:

  • 30# Global formulation in cut sheets and rolls
  • Multi-Metal protection of ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • 30# Global formulation with wax, poly coating and scrim reinforcement
  • 50# Global formulation with scrim reinforcement


  • 30# neutral pH, natural Kraft paper
  • Ferrous and non-ferrous protection available
  • Wax, poly coated and scrim reinforced available
  • Global formulation is nitrite free
  • Custom options also available 

Approved By/Conforms:

  • FDA for use in equipment packaging
  • GLOBAL OEM companies
  • RoHS – REACH Compliant
  • NACE Std TM0208-2008
  • MIL-PRF-3420H and JIS Z 1535 Class 2

Compatibility of ARMOR WRAP with Metals

Metal to be Protected ARMOR WRAP Global, Wax, Poly coat(G, W, PC) ARMOR WRAP Multi-Metal Protection (MPI) ARMOR WRAP Military Approved (M)
Aluminum ★★ ★★ ⚪⚪
Aluminum Bronze ★★ ★★ ⚪⚪
Aluminum Magnesium alloy
Brass ★★ ★★★ ⚪⚪
Bronze ★★ ★★★ ⚪⚪
Cadmium ★★ ★★★
Cast Iron ★★★ ★★★
Chromium ★★ ★★
Constantan ★★★ ★★★ ⚪⚪
Copper ★★ ★★★  ★
Galvanized ★★ ★★★ ⚪⚪
Molybdenum ⚪⚪ ⚪⚪ ⚪⚪
Nickel ★★★ ★★★ ⚪⚪
Nickel Silver (CU, Ni, Zn) ★★ ★★★ ⚪⚪
Silver ⚪⚪ ⚪⚪ ⚪⚪
Solder (Pb, Sn)
Steel ★★★ ★★ ★★★
Tin (Pure) ★★★ ★★★ ★★★
Tinned Steel ★★★ ★★★ ★★★
Zinc ★★ ★★★ ⚪⚪

Compatibility Key

★★★ Complete Protection
★★ Good Protection
This product will protect this metal from corrosion; however a more suitable formula may be available.
Testing is recommended
⚪⚪ Not Compatible