Armor Sea Film



Extreme Protection for Extreme Conditions

ARMOR VCI SEA Film™ is formulated to withstand Mother Nature’s most threatening outdoor conditions and to protect metal and metal parts from rust and corrosion that could form as a result..

SEA Film is constructed to protect metal in three ways: 1. it emits ARMOR’s proprietary VCI Nanotechnology™ (a.k.a., our “secret recipe” for vapor corrosion inhibitor), which form a corrosion-inhibiting shield to keep the surface of metal free from rust, 2. it acts as a physical barrier against the harshest of outdoor conditions, 3. SEA Film contains an Ultra Violet (UV) light inhibitor to combat the damaging heat of UV light..

SEA Film’s high-grade protection is ideal for metal and metal parts exposed to the elements during outdoor storage or overseas transport and with it’s unique, multi-layer design it can often be down-gauged to reduce cost without compromising performance.

ARMOR products are in-stock and ready-to-ship with no order minimums through our ARMOR Stock & Ready® program.

Technical Specifications:

Stock & Ready option:

  • 20 ft. x 100 ft. co-extruded 8 mil sheeting with UV resistance


Gauge: .005” to .007” +/- 10%

Nitrite-free; contain no secondary amines

Custom options available

Approved By/Conforms:

  •  FDA for use in equipment packaging
  •  Global OEM companies
  •  RoHS – REACH Compliant
  •  NACE Std TM0208-2008

Compatibility of ARMOR SEA Film with Metals

Metal to be Protected ARMOR SEA Film
Aluminum ★★★
Aluminum Bronze ★★
Aluminum Magnesium alloy
Brass ★★★
Bronze ★★
Cadmium ★★
Cast Iron ★★★
Chromium ★★
Constantan ★★
Copper ★★★
Galvanized ★★★
Nickel ★★★
Nickel Silver (CU, Ni, Zn) ★★★
Solder (Pb, Sn)
Steel ★★★
Tin (Pure) ★★★
Tinned Steel ★★★

Compatibility Key

★★★ Complete Protection
★★ Good Protection
This product will protect this metal from corrosion; however a more suitable formula may be available.
Testing is recommended