VCI Film

Dual-Benefit Rust Prevention

VCI film protects metal from rust and corrosion in two ways — it serves as a physical barrier against moisture, dust or contaminants, and as a rust-eradicating corrosion inhibitor. VCI film can be manufactured in many forms including rolls, sheets, bags or tubing and it is an easy-to-use, clean and dry packaging option for metal and metal parts.

In simplest terms, VCI film is created when linear, low density polyethylene (poly film) is impregnated with vapor corrosion inhibitor (VCI) but take note, there’s no birds-and-the-bees twist to this union — instead, the result is VCI film.

To use VCI film, place metal or metal parts in VCI film and seal — there’s no messy grease or oil to apply.  Once metal/metal parts are enclosed, VCIs activate to form a layer of protection on the surface of the metal parts that displaces moisture and repels rust. Viola – it’s easy, peasy!

At Paridhi International we offers a full line products of ARMOR POLY VCI that will knock your socks off (while preventing rust). Check them out!

  • VCI POLY — A Multi-functional Film for Multi-Metal Protection 
  • VCI DEFENDER — Tough-As-Nails Protection that Doesn’t Break the Bank
  • VCI CRUSADER — A Rust-Preventing Powerhouse for the Long Haul
  • VCI FOUNDRY Film — Foundry-specific Design Protects Metals from the Harsh Conditions of Foundries, Stamping Plants or Machine Shops
  • VCI SEA Film — Extreme Protection for Extreme/Outdoor Conditions
  • VCI POLY Stretch and Banding Film — Stretch-and-Secure Rust Prevention