Water Displacing Rust Preventative

International Anti Rust # 99S

International Anti-Rust #99S is a solvent-based, Very High water-displacing rust preventative engineered to deposit a dry-to-thetouch film on metal surfaces.

International Anti-Rust #99S is engineered with a low viscosity to aid penetration and

  • 4300 Hours of Protection at 100F & 100% Humidity (ASTM D-1748)
  • 99 Hours of Salt Spray Resistance
  • Suppress Fingerprint Corrosion and Aluminum Oxidation.
  • Excellent Protection During Periods of Indoor Storage
  • Effective Protection in Acid Fume and Salt Spray Environments.



International Anti-Rust #118H is a low viscosity rust preventative engineered with a slowly evaporating solvent that has a high safety factor. Once the solvent has dried, the residual film is dry to the touch and neutralizes fingerprints.

International Anti-Rust #118H has obtained approvals from Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Caterpillar and Cummins Engine Company. The Ford Specification Number for this formulation is WSK-M7C80-A.

  • 1200Hours of Protection at 100 F & 100% Humidity (ASTM D-1748)
  • Produces Water-Displacing Film
  • Neutralizes Fingerprints
  • Thin, Virtually Colorless Film
  • Provides Extended Protection for
  • Indoor Storage