Water Soluble Rust Preventative


International Anti-Rust #124 is formulated to exceed the “Triple 100” OEM specifications required of carbon steel and cast iron automotive components: 100 hours of protection at 100oF and 100% humidity

International Anti-Rust #124 is highly recommended for the final stage of power spray leaning operations, as well as in immersion and dunker applications to provide in-process rust protection for cast iron and steel parts. The thin, liquid film that remains after the water has evaporated is transparent and inconspicuous.

The residual coating is engineered to impart a transparent, inconspicuous and dry-to-the-touch film that will not interfere with subsequent operations like powder coating and wet painting.

  • Protective Film is Paintable
  • Exceeds 100/100/100 OEM Spec.
  • Excellent Hydrostatic Test Fluid
  • Perfect for Ferrous Metals
  • Fully Dilutes in Water
  • Formulated for Hard Water
  • Stable and Long-Lasting Solutions
  • Low Foaming at All Temperatures
  • Protective Film is Dry-to-the-Touch



Wash your hands (both literally and figuratively) of hazardous solvents and messy oil-based rust preventatives with ARMOR Dry Coat™ and Dry Coat™ ST Rust Preventative. Dry Coat is water-based and designed for use on ferrous metals. It is your clean, safe and easy way to say “bye bye” to the dirty and time consuming rust prevention methods of days gone by.

When we say Dry Coat offers “Invisible Protection, Visible Results” we mean it. Once applied to the surface of metal, Dry Coat dries-to-touch within minutes (in ambient conditions) leaving a clear, protective coating that repels water and other rust-causing substances. Dry Coat is not sticky or tacky; it does not attract dirt or dust; it does not interfere with stamping, grinding, cutting, welding; and it is easy to remove if needed.

Dry Coat is offered in two formulations — original Dry Coat that protects metal parts stored indoors for up to one year and Dry Coat ST for the short-term protection of metal parts stored indoors for up to 3 months.