Open Weather Rust Preventative


International Anti-Rust 145 is a thixotropic liquid rust preventative that is engineered for use in harsh, salty environments and for long-term outdoor storage.The waxy, pliable film (at low temps.) will not flow below 550o F and is easily removed by solvent degreasing or with alkaline cleaners in spray and immersion washer equipment.

International Anti-Rust 145 may be applied with all conventional applicators; such as drip, swab, brush or spray equipment.Anti-Rust 145 has earned MIL-C-83933 A-(MR) and MIL-C62218 (AT) specifications, while an alternate version, Anti-Rust 145-B, was awarded the Ford Motor Company Specification SKM7C9550-B. All versions of ICC Anti-Rust 145 vary in viscosity and duration of protection, as noted below:

  • Long-Term Rust Preventative
  • Outdoor Storage Protection
  • Salty Environment Protection
  • Imparts a Firm, Waxy Coating
  • Film Pliable at Low Temperatures
  • Film Will Not Flow Below 550 Degree F.
  • Film is Readily Removed by Solvent Degreasing or Alkaline Cleaners



ARMOR Weather Warrior™ is a water-based, outdoor rust preventative coating that shields and protects metal parts and equipment from Mother Nature’s harshest conditions. It works like an ironclad umbrella of protection, shielding metal parts from heat, cold, sun, rain, snow or salt water and keeping them rust free for up to 9 months of outdoor storage or up to 2 years of indoor storage.

Weather Warrior can be applied via spray, dip, or brush, and with just one coat its proprietary corrosion inhibitor penetrates quickly to form a wax-like coating that adheres to the surface of metal. It does not transfer, abrade or run, keeping storage areas free of stains or hazardous slippery and messy residue.

While the Weather Warrior formulation is tough enough to withstand the elements, it is safe enough to use on the majority of metals and it will not harm most elastomers, plastics or painted surfaces. Weather Warrior contains no toxic or harmful materials, no VOCs and is easy to remove using detergent or alkaline cleaner.