Oil Based


International Anti Rust # 77-C

International Anti-Rust #77-C is a solvent-based, barium free, rust and corrosion preventative containing efficient organic corrosion inhibitors and water-displacing agents. It is highly recommended for protecting bright or polished steel surfaces due to its inherent non-staining properties.

international Anti-Rust #77-C may be applied by immersion, brush, swab or spray equipment. The residual coating is readily removed by alkaline metal cleaning solutions or by solvent degreasing

  • Barium-Free
  • Non-Staining
  • Residual Film is Compatible with Engine Oil
  • Effective Protection in Acidic Atmospheres
  • Effective Protection During Brief Periods of Outdoor Exposure
  • Suppresses Fingerprint Corrosion
  • Suppresses Oxidation of Aluminum
  • Approved by : Cummins, Schaeffler Group, Cat, and more