SMARTY PAK™ VCI + Desiccant

Double Trouble for Rust

The ARMOR SMARTY PAK™ is a super-charged, multi-tasking, rust-preventing powerhouse. SMARTY PAKs are one-part ARMOR VCI Nanotechnology™ (our “secret formula” for vapor corrosion inhibitor), which emit corrosion-inhibiting vapors to prevent rust, and one-part specialty desiccant to adsorb moisture.

ARMOR developed the SMARTY PAK for use in environments where both moisture control and vapor corrosion inhibitors are required to adequately protect metal from rust and corrosion or  for use in applications where fibrous packaging materials are not allowed. Available in three sizes, these non-dusting and lint-free paks pack-a-punch in delivering multi-metal protection.  Simply put, SMARTY PAKs provide two-in-one rust prevention.

ARMOR products are in-stock and ready-to-ship with no order minimums through our ARMOR Stock & Ready® program.

Technical Specifications:

Stock & Ready options:

  • NANO (1-4 cu. ft. of protection)
  • MINI (4-10 cu. ft. of protection)
  • QUAD (10-35 cu. ft. of protection)

Approved By/Conforms:

  • FDA for use in equipment packaging
  • Global OEM companies
  • RoHS – REACH Compliant

Compatibility of SMARTY PAK with Metals

Metal to be Protected SMARTY PAK
Aluminum ★★★
Aluminum Bronze ★★
Brass ★★
Bronze ★★
Cast Iron ★★
Copper ★★★
Galvanized ★★
Lead ★★
Nickel ★★
Nickel Silver (CU, Ni, Zn) ★★
Solder (Pb, Sn)
Steel ★★★
Tin (Pure) ★★★
Tinned Steel ★★★

Compatibility Key

★★★ Complete Protection
★★ Good Protection
This product will protect this metal from corrosion; however a more suitable formula may be available.
Testing is recommended