Prevent Construction & Agriculture Equipment Corrosion

What happens when a massive piece of construction or agriculture equipment goes down due to corrosion? Massive time and money loss begins. Construction and agriculture equipment machinery replacement parts can remain in storage for years, and when they’re needed, they need to be rust-free and ready to use.

ARMOR VCI packaging is robust and scales from the smallest to the largest parts. Heavy equipment replacement parts that have been protected with ARMOR clean, safe and easy VCI products mean huge time and money savings for our customers.

Jet plane wrapped in ARMOR film

Count on ARMOR to offer rust prevention and rust removal solutions that will impact your construction and agriculture-related business in three key areas:


Corroded or rusted parts require reworking, which can equate to loss of time, money and human resources.


Corroded and rusted parts compromise safety.


Products protected from corrosion perform better at every stage of the manufacturing process.

Jet plane wrapped in ARMOR film

At ARMOR, we take the concepts of clean, safe and easy very seriously – in fact, you won’t find one item in our product line that isn’t. ARMOR’s clean/dry packaging methods eliminate traditional dirty and polluted rust preventative methods.

  • Say goodbye to messy, oil-based rust preventative methods.
  • So long hazardous solvents.
  • Send a big farewell to the extra manpower required to apply and remove oil-based RPs.
  • Bon Voyage to the added risk that other RP methods have on the environment, the worksite and the health of employees.

For over 40 years, ARMOR’s rust prevention and rust removal products have protected aerospace/aeronautics/aviation parts from corrosion. We are focused on managing costs to ensure that our customers are effectively competing and winning in today’s challenging and competitive marketplace.